Lone Star Apartment Services

is a one stop shop for multi family property owners and managers looking to staff their locations AND for employees looking to fulfill those positions.


Over 45 years experience in apartment servicing and staffing means our team KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the ins and outs of each job duty and the type of employee that would thrive best in that space creating co success for both employee and employer!



Our experienced team of painters can help you refresh, reinvent and preserve your investment.

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Save your old countertops bathtubs and chimneys, our team will bring them back to life!

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Make Ready

Let our pro’s install all of your fixtures so you can worry about bigger things

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Find employees without the stress of posting job ads, conducting interviews, and onboarding. We take the stress out of filling key roles within your organization.

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Our Process

“Providing innovative solutions and the best of skills.”

We start by recruiting talent from multiple different recruiting platforms and choose the best qualified candidates from the applications.

We conduct a phone interview where we get to learn more on their specific experience and personality.

When we find someone we feel is a great fit for one of our roles, we bring them in to meet them in person and orientate them into the new position.

Our Team

“Fulfilling clients’ requirements to have long term relationships.”

Our team is a hard working group of professionals that is based in passion for helping business’ and individuals meet their goals. We come with a combined experience of over 45 years experience on both the recruiting and service side as well as the management side. We understand our clients needs on a personal level.


Lone Star Apartment Services understands how to meet client challenges and opportunities successfully.
  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Commitment
Our team has combined experience of over 45 years in apartment staffing!
We implement a 100 question maintenance test to qualify each worker and interview them individually.
We are committed to creating solutions for talent looking for work and apartment complexes NEEDING fulfillment for their property


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